Adrenaline rush on the biggest go-kart track in the Tri-City

PitStop-Gdansk is a place for families, friends, businesses or anyone who wants to spend their free time actively. Our staff will take care of everything and you just relax and have fun.


At work but also often in private life, we are in a rush without taking any break and we often forget how important it is. This is why we created a place like PitStop-Gdansk! Here you will leave your daily worries behind you as soon as you pass the door! Good fun prevails, by combining physical activity and healthy competition. This is PitStop, which literally means the moment during the race when the cars take a technical break. Who does not need a break these days?

Price list and packages

Opening hours

  • March – April
    Monday – Friday 2pm – 8pm 
    Saturday – Sunday 10am – 8 pm 
  • May - June
    Monday – Friday 12am – 9pm 
    Saturday – Sunday 10am – 9pm
  • July - August
    Monday – Sunday 10am – 9 pm 
  • September – October
    Monday – Friday 12am – 8pm 
    Saturday – Sunday 10am – 8pm 
  • November – February
    Only telephone reservations accepted depending on the weather


Adrenaline rush on the largest go-kart track in the Tri-City

6800 m2 

of asphalt surface

650 meters 

 with a width of at least 8 meters!

Up to 30 riders

 on the track at the same time 

TAG Heuer

Timing system that allows us to create countless race variants.


Meet our diverse fleet of go-karts

  • 6 go-karts  XXS for children from approx. 5 years old,
    height approx. 95cm-115cm
  • 6 go-karts for junior from approx. 8 years old,
    height approx. 120cm - 135cm
  • 35 go-karts GO-kart STINGER 9KM 
    for people with a height of approx. 135cm - 200cm
  • 4 go-karts go-karts RIMO 13KM
    for people with a height of approx. 135cm - 200cm
  • 2 go-karts TANDEM karts
    for driving lessons
  • 2 go-karts TANDEM
    karts for people with disabilities (throttle and brake at the steering wheel)
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Safe driving rules and regulations


Slow down

Let the faster driver overtake you


Finish/last lap

Zakaz jazdy w rozwiązanym szaliku itp.

zakaz jazdy w rozpuszczonych długich włosach 

zakaz jazdy w obuwiu na dużym obcasie 

zakaz wysiadania z gokarta  podczas wyścigu 

zakaz jazdy w kierunku innym niż wyznaczony

zakaz umyślnego 
uderzania innych zawodników 

zakaz umyślnego 
zajeżdżania linii toru 

zakaz rozgrzewania opon i  jazdy zygzakiem

zakaz jednoczesnego używania dwóch pedałów 


  1. Participant can use the track only if he is at least 140 CM tall, only after
    paying the entrance fee. Underage participants has to be under
    protection of an adult. In two-seated go-kart next to an adult can
    sit another person who is at least 90 CM tall.
  2. Participant is obligated to secure his outfit pieces and hair efore race to prevent tangling these pieces into moving parts of go-kart. It is forbidden topart in race in loose footwear which can fall off during race.
  3. It is forbidden to drive under influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that affect participant's reactions.
  4. It is forbidden to drive without helmet, to get out of go-kart during race, to drive opposite way than the race is going.
  5. If the go-kart stops or is damaged, participant is obligated to raise both of his hands in order to signal that the go-kart is damaged.
  6. Participant is obligated to inform the track staff about any damage of go-kart as fast as possible.
  7. Track Administrator decides about number of go-karts on track, races' order and space between participants.
  8. Track Administrator can lower the speed of go-karts that take part in race at any moment of race.
  9. Track Administrator's decisions are ultimate. Administrator does not take any responsibility for cosequences of crashes that were caused due to disobeying the Terms and Conditions, dictations and indications of staff.
  10. Participant takes full civil and legal responsibility for damages that were caused by him due to disobeying Terms and Conditions.
  11.  If participant damages go-kart and its elements he is obligated to cover the repair costs. For exemplary price list of the elements ask track staff.
  12. Track staff uses flag signalization which you can find below:
     RED FLAG – Stop
     YELLOW FLAG – Slow down
     BLUE FLAG – Let the faster driver overtake you
     BLACK FLAG – Warning/disqualification
     CHEQUERED FLAG – Finish/last lap


  1. It is possible to get out of the go-kart only after track staff's permission.
  2. First lap is always a lap where participants get familiar with track – participants have to drive through this lap slowly.
  3. The last lap, signalized by chequered flag, has to be driven slowly, participants must be aware of track staff. Electric go-karts' speed can be reduced remotely.
  4. It is forbidden to push both pedals (Gas and Brake) at the same time, same as pushing brake pedal without letting off the gas pedal first. Disobeying this rule can lead to disqualification.
  5. It is forbidden to hit other participants' go-karts, especially hitting slower drivers in the back of their go-kart. It is forbidden to push other drivers off the track. Priority in corners and narrowings has leading driver in group.
  6. Participants that are unaware of their skills, beginners, slower drivers are obligated to stick to the right side of the track during race.
  7. It is inadvisable to use brake pedal on turns. It is recommended to slow down in safe distance before turn.
  8. It is inadvisable to accelerate go-kart when wheels are turned left or right. 
  9. Preheating tires by taking dynamic turns from left to right is forbidden.

For disobeying Rules of Safe Driving participant can be charged with following punishments:

  1. Constatly lowered go-kart top speed.
  2. Deletion of of premium points.
  3. Deletion of discounts.
  4. Disqualification from race without compensation, return of money.
  5. Participant can be charged with go-kart's repair costs.


PitStop-Gdansk is a perfect place to organize an integration meeting, an occasional celebration or an unconventional business meeting – on every level we guarantee an unforgettable experience! More than 900 events and corporate go-kart races have been held at our facility. Thousands of satisfied business customers.

Price list for individual customers


*Minimum 8 people. For groups of 9-11 people, the staff can combine stag packages with other groups and/ or individual clients.
**On our track is obligatory to have a balaclava. It is possible to buy it on the recepcion for 10 pln per piece.


Exclusive track booking

* Each additional go-kart over 10 pcs, at the same time on the track, additionally 10% of the basic price. Balaclava – 10 PLN per piece.

Ask for individual offer