In order to get the membership card, you have to visit our reception desk and fill in the registration form at Karting Manager system. After the registration you can get your membership card. All you have to pay is one-off membership fee of 5 PLN.

Booking isn’t necessary, but it’s recommended. If you don’t book, we cannot guarantee you free slots at our place.

Under-aged can use the attractions, but a parent or guardian has to be with them. If they’re attendance is not possible, children are obliged to have the written permission of the parent or guardian.


To get into the trampoline park you have to be 3 years old. Kids from 3 to 5 can jump only with a guardian.
To drive go-kart on your own, you have to be from 90 to 120 cm height (4-5-year-old kids), but it includes ONLY petrol carts which are available only in summer.
To drive electric go-kart, you have to be about 140 cm. Driving depends on reaching to gas and brake pedals.

We have several birthday packages which have the main attraction you have to choose: driving electric go-karts, playing on the Zoltar Apocalypse arena, training activities with a qualified trainer in the trampoline park. You can extend your package to other attractions e.g. stadium tour with a guide, table football tournament, zip-line or… extending the time of your main attraction.

Maximum number of people on the outdoor track is 12. On the electric go-kart circuit can drive 8 people at once. Maximum number of players in one Zoltar Apocalypse game is up to 14.
On the different sections of the trampoline park can jump up to 14 people.
Before using the attraction, it is worth asking our crew what is the maximum number of people on each attraction on the particular day.

We are at Energa Gdańsk Stadium on Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk street. The main entrance is from Marynarki Polskiej street.

Indoor track has only 8 minutes races, at outdoor track you can choose between 8 or 15 minutes races.

Tandem is a double go-kart for a parent and a kid who cannot drive on his own, so he is under 135 cm. Disabled can also use the tandem.

We measure the time of the race and times of each lap. Every go-kart has a transponder which registers current lap after crossing the measuring point. After the race you can get the print-out of your laps on the reception desk.

Zoltar is a game similar to paintball, but it doesn’t hurt. The basic difference between Zoltar and a paintball is used ammunition which is infrared light. Additionally every player gets a vest with sensors. We have a few scenarios which lets you play different games.

We recommend loose clothing and trainers. As it can get a little warm during the game, you can bring an extra T-shirt.

You can get into the trampoline park without shoes, then we recommend you wearing non-slip socks or changing shoes with trainers.

Yes, the adults can jump, we don’t have age limit for them.

You control the time on your own. Above the trampolines there are clocks. The time of exit is written on the wristband which you get after buying the entrance ticket.

After buying the entrance ticket, you get the wristband which lets you jump on the both sections.

ul. Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk 1
80-560 Gdańsk

OUTDOOR 731 38 38 38
INDOOR 733 870 870


Outdoor track

Entrance to Fun Arena

  • Indoor track
  • Zoltar Apocalypse - electronic paintball
  • Trampolines

PARKING P1, P2, P3, P4, P5
Płatne 7 dni w tygodniu 24h
Pierwsza godzina postoju: 2,00 zł
Każda kolejna rozpoczęta godzina 3,00 zł
Opłata za brak ważnego biletu 95,00 zł

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